my completion rate dropped by itself?!

yesterday I completed my online course to 99% (I couldn't finish it because the personal interview questions got stuck at 26/27 - even though I had answered ALL the questions).

I logged in today and it's down to 86%? How does that work?? I checked and all the quiz's that I successfully completed are now showing as semi complete. 

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  • Hi Alena, could you post the link to the quiz page so I can take a closer look? Thanks!

    • Alena Hi! It is possible that your progress would drop if the course admin added a new page, or a new activity on some page. I'll contact them and ask if they're aware that that's what happens.


      Regarding the applicant interview, it seems you have skipped 1 question. Could you go back and check?

      See if there is "View Post" on each widget. If not, that's the one missing.


  • hello Alenka, that is incorrect. I answered that question. It was the first question and I checked it two times that all questions were answered 27/27 however it got stuck at 26/27 and me staying on 99%. You will see my first post about this. I will go back in and re-answer that question but given this has occurred, I believe something fundamentally is wrong with the platform. Not very impressed to be quite honest.

    • Alena Hi Alena, I'm not saying that you did not answer the first question. The screenshot was of me taking the course when testing the issue. Please go through the questions and see which one you missed. Thanks.

  • Alenka, I confirm ALL questions have been answered.

    • Alena Ok, great. Thank you for your patience while we troubleshoot this. For number 7, did you upload any files?

  • no, as per my response; I do not have any certified qualifications. The question said to upload only if you do.

    • Alena Right. I think the course creator might not realized that that will show as incomplete. I'll notify her about this as well. Could you perhaps just upload a blank file for now? That will mark the page as complete. Thanks!

  • I have uploaded a blank document as requested.

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