Cannot use a style tag in a text box


I added a textbox to a page. I want to make this textbox stand out so I wrapped the html in a div and tried to add a "style" to the div. Works fine until I select "Done" and then, while the "div" remains, the style is removed.

I was just trying to add something like a border with padding.

Please help. The text boxes are a very boring layout / one cannot make things stand out etc. if I cannot do this!

Thanks, Theo

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  • Hi Theo, unfortunately, style tags aren't allowed, but to make the text stand out, you could use the container option. ( see screenshot) 

    Another option might be to play around with tables.

  • Hi Alenka,

    Many thanks! I had not spotted that option - for me, it was not in an obvious spot. However, the container seems a bit limited - do you know if one can style it in any way e.g. change the border?... I tried adding a style in the container div... it still got stripped.

    Tables also seem a bit limited for some things, compared to divs with inline styles.

    On "inspecting" the html in one of the courses run by OpenLeanrning "Design a World Class Course on Using OpenLearning" I have seen some styles used (and this seems to be within the RichTextWidget). Do you know if there are some allowed but some not?... know of a list anywhere?

    I have also found the HTML snippet widget which seems to be a workaround for all this... seems to let me do whatever I want in terms of html. I may be using it a lot!

    Best wishes, Theo

    • Theo Hughes Hi Theo, unfortunately, we currently don't have a list of allowed styles. Yes, HTML snippet would be the best thing to use! Good luck with your course, and let us know if you have any more questions.

    • Alenka Prezelj Thanks for the prompt response again. I had emailed customer support (being a newbie I didn't know what avenue would be best) and got pretty much the same information there from Jan. As I said to Jan... it would be good if the tech person in charge of this / knowledgeable about this could post a list in the info about the text widget. It is not my favourite pastime to try input options with a "black box" to compile a list of how it behaves when there must be someone somewhere with knowledge of this info... i.e. someone coded the text widget. :-)

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    • Alenka Prezelj By the way, have a great holiday break over the xmas period!

    • Theo Hughes Thanks, you too!

    • Theo Hughes That is a great idea. Could you post it here, please -

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