How do I help new learners navigate around my course?

Often at times, the course you create might be your learners' first experience with OpenLearning. Fortunately, we have a walkthrough feature that you can enable in order to help your learners get accustomed to the platform.

Walkthrough is facilitated by a series of orange dots that will begin to appear on some of the course features when a learner first joins a course on OpenLearning.  


When learners click on the orange dots, they will receive a bit of information on that course feature. They will see these when they run into new features throughout the course.


Add a sentence or two to your homepage letting first-time learners know that they can click on the orange dots that appear around the course in order to learn how the platform works! Feel free to download and post the gif above for clarity as well.


Go to Course Setup > Advanced.

Scroll to the bottom of the Miscellaneous section and tick the box next to Enable Walkthrough.


When you create a new course on OpenLearning, your course homepage automatically includes a section titled "Getting around for learners". Another great way to help your learners would be to add more information to this section.

Since OpenLearning allows a lot of customisation for course creators, each course a learner joins may be a bit different to navigate than another.

Let learners know what each tab in the left-hand navigation is for and when they should be accessing each one.

You can also remind them that they can access the Next and Previous pages using the arrow keys at the bottom of the page.

If there's anything else special you feel your users need to know in order to have the best learning experience possible within your unique course, let them know here as well!

Add contact information (such as an email address) to your homepage as well! This way, learners will have no trouble at all contacting you if they run into problems throughout the course. In addition to this, you can let them know to contact support@openlearning.com for technical issues.

Finally, we have prepared a free Canva template for you to use in your course. You can edit and adapt the template to create an image that will suit your course and help your learners navigate the course.

You can access the FREE template here.

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    Thanks for the instructions, very easy to follow!

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