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Sometimes, when I create a repeated monthly course, I want to make some kind of graded test for my learners. But I don't want my old learners to leak the answer to my tests to the new upcoming learners. 

and that's why i think it might be useful if there is some sort of question banks, where the questions for the test can be randomized between each learners and between new batch of learners.

For instance, let's say that in my question banks, I put in 50 questions. And then, for learner A's test, the question that gets pulled out from the questions banks are questions 1-10, for learner B's test, its questions 11-20, learner C questions 21-30 and so on. And it is shuffled randomly for each learners, taken out of that question banks.

Hope that this gets noticed. Thanks in advance.

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  • I would consider this essential for a good assessment in Open Learning. We (a major UNSW course) might need to leave OL next year because this feature is lacking.

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  • Quiz bank will be very useful, I think all lecturers would love to have this feature in OL.

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  • I agree. Question banks, randomization of questions, and the number of attempts are among the basic features of online assessment that most LMS have.  I assumed Open Learning has it that I did not focus on these features. My team and I were fosucing on other features that other LMSs do not have. I was kind of disappointed to understand that Open Learning does not have these basic features for assessment/quizzes after we have subscribed to it. I do hope that OL is seriously working on this and get it up and running soon.  

    • Azita Iliya Hi Azita! The number of attempts can be limited by adding a Submit button at the end of the quiz.



      As for the other two suggestions, they are duly noted. The quiz widgets are currently undergoing a re-design. Stay tuned! :)

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