How do I add staff to my course and manage their roles?

Before you can set a staff member's role within the classes in your course, you first need to add them to the Staff list within the course.

(Note: If you have an institution, this is IN ADDITION TO adding them as a Staff member of the institution).

Follow the steps below to manage a staff members' role within the course.

Step 1

Go to Course Setup > Roles.


Step 2

Add people to your staff list by searching for their full name or profile name.

  • If your course is under an institution, the search will only look through people who are members of that institution.
  • If your course is not under an institution, the search will look through everyone on the platform who has a public account (i.e. a publicly viewable profile). 

However, if you have a person's email, you will be able to search and add them to your course regardless of the two points above. 


Once a staff member has been added to the staff list, you can then manage what the user is allowed to do within the course.

Step 3

 If you have multiple classes, you can specify permissions on a per class basis.

Click Edit to bring up the edit classes modal. 

Using this modal, you can add and remove classes for this user. Type the name of an existing class into the text box and select one of the auto-completed options to add the class for this user.


Close the modal once finished. 


Step 5

Refresh the page for the changes to take effect.

To learn about adding administrators to your course visit How do I add an admin to my course?

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