Why are all of the courses on my course list gone?

If you suddenly lose access to your courses and/or can't find them on your course list, please try the below troubleshooting tips:

Sometimes users have more than one OpenLearning account. If you have more multiple accounts, you could be logged into the wrong one.

Please try logging out and then logging back in making sure you're using the account that has the access to the course. 

When you are invited to or manually enrolled into a course, your course administrator invites you via your email address. 

Only an OpenLearning account associated with the invited email address can access the course. 

Log into or create an account using the invited email address. Then, try accessing the course via your course list (the Courses tab on top left). 

If you're trying to access a course via the URL in the invite but aren't able to, it may just be that you aren't logged into your OpenLearning account. As stated above, only the account associated with the invited email address can access the course. Clicking on the invite link takes you to the course but it does not automatically log you into your account.

Please follow the instructions below in order to log in:

  • Go to OpenLearning.com.
  • Click Log in at the top right of the page.
  • Log In using the info in the invitation email you received.
  • Click on Courses on the top bar. You will now see your courses on the drop-down.



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