How does chat work?

OpenLearning's chat (or direct messaging) feature allows users to send one-on-one private messages to each other depending on chat and privacy settings. 

How do I send a chat message?

Make sure your chat is enabled. 

How do I enable chat (or direct messaging)?

To chat with your course facilitator or classmates, go to one of the pages within the course.

The chat will appear in the lower right corner. 

Click on the arrow to expand the chat box.


If you see the green dot next to a name, they are currently online.

If you see the teal background, you currently have a new unread message from that user.


Click on the name to open a private chat.



Alternatively, you can go to the user's profile page and send a message from there.




If another user sends a message to you while you're in online mode, the pop-up window will appear immediately.


If someone sends you a message while you're in offline mode or simply not logged into OL at the time, OpenLearning sends a notification by default about the unread chat messages. You can customise how you want to receive notifications about chat messages in your Notification Settings. Learn more about Customising notifications for course-related social activities .

If a user sends a chat message to you while your chat is in online mode but you are not on OpenLearning's website, the pop-up window with the chat message will appear for you the next time you log into OpenLearning. You will also receive a notification by default. 

There could be a few things causing this. 

  •  Your chat is disabled. How do I enable chat (or direct messaging)?
  • The chat in the course has been disabled by the course administrator. 
  • A browser extension might be blocking the chat. Please try incognito (private) mode or another browser.

When you receive a chat message you should receive a platform notification and/or immediate email notification. Click here to learn how to set this up.

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