3. The Course Quality Criteria

While everyone with a subscription can design and teach a course on OpenLearning, we only list courses in our Course Marketplace that meet our Course Quality Criteria standards. Our customer success team reviews courses daily.

For your course to be listed in OpenLearning’s Course Marketplace, your course must meet the following high quality standards:

High quality learning outcomes:

  • Begin with a verb and articulate what learners will know or be able to do by the end of the course

High quality modules:

  • Are relevant to the learning outcomes
  • Are well structured with a relevant and logical flow
  • Build topic knowledge appropriately 

High quality content and resources:

  • Are relevant to the learning outcomes 
  • Are relevant to module topics
  • Are scaffolded and sequenced on pages in a way that maximises learning impact and learner's engagement
  • Use a variety of resources in meaningful ways (e.g. video, text, images, audio)

High quality learning activities:

  • Are relevant to the learning outcomes
  • Are relevant to course and page topics 
  • Capture learners' interest, intrinsic motivation and foster enjoyment in learning
  • Enable interaction and social learning among learners (e.g. discussions, sharing, group work, projects)
  • Enable learners to connect concepts authentically to their own world
  • Allow learners to reflect on their learning
  • Invite learners to apply concepts in personally meaningful ways
  • Encourage self-expression and open-ended contribution (e.g. using share widgets such as share text, share an image, share a file, post a comment)

A high quality course homepage:

  • Contains a message and/or tone that would make learners feel welcomed to the course community
  • Would attract learners’ attention and interest through use of relevant examples, analogies, anecdotes etc 
  • Contains an ice-breaker/welcome activity that is relevant to learners, invites them to share and fosters a sense of rapport and community

A high quality course look and feel:

  • Uses images throughout that are relevant and engaging
  • Utilises page designs that are visually appealing and logically sequenced
  • Utilises the tone, instructions and explanations throughout the course in ways that are friendly, clear and build rapport with learners
  • Is free from grammar/spelling errors

A high quality course promo page:

  • Has a relevant and enticing course title
  • Has a relevant and enticing course thumbnail image
  • Has a relevant and engaging course promo video/image
  • Has an inviting and relevant course banner image that includes the course title
  • Contains key information that learners need to know to enrol
  • Is well-written in an engaging manner

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